Ben Carson, the perfect Evangelical shill

While it appears Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee have been relegated to the “kiddie table” in the Republican Primary, surgeon turned to Evangelical Republican candidate, Ben Carson, is leading many polls as of November 11, 2015.

For the secular community, this man is a nightmare. As Bill Maher recently remarked, “how did this man pass medical school?” Here is my take on the matter.

For one, being able to operate on a brain tumor or pass organic chemistry does not a good President make. They are entirely different skill sets. Ben Carson is running on his faith (not a good thing), his integrity (he appears to be a serial liar), and his persona (he does not yell or raise his voice).

He has no business experience except quitting medicine to hawk his books and be a spokesman for a company he denies being a spokesman for (serial liar). There is no correlation to business acumen and being a surgeon–two entirely different skill sets. Many doctors are awful businesspeople. He has not shown any grasp of economics or foreign policy. His explanations are vacuous. A doctor, who earned hundreds of thousands per year is against raising the minimum wage. No surprise there. His solution for improved medical care? Medical savings accounts. If you are sick, unable to work, or have extraordinary medical bills, you need more healthcare but are least able to afford it. Healthcare is not like buying a care, you buy what you can afford. With healthcare you have no choice (other than following a healthier lifestyle).

He panders to the Evangelicals, who believe the earth is 6000 years old, Noah built an Ark out of wood, and that people live inside fish. This is a dangerous man to have a finger on the button. He will conclude that we will all be in the a better place, that it’s God’s will, and that God has called upon him to:

  1. Bring about the end of days.
  2. Kill all the Muslims
  3. Kill all the non-believers
  4. Assist everyone to heaven
  5. implement the Rapture
  6. Obey the voices in his head telling him to press the button now.

Hopefully he will fade as he continues with his by the Bible rhetoric. It’s a mystery how science made this man rich and now he promotes a faith-based, non-scientific, anti-evolution worldview. Even the faithful do not want his worldview.

I. M. Problulos

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