With hundreds of examples I. M Probulos explores the illusion of free will and explains in succinct and clear terms the reason for his position. As part of the Book of Lists series, this book includes over 30 lists, but it much more than that. It has a very clear narrative and perspective and its goal is to define exactly what the illusion of free will means and the issues involved.

This book has been thoroughly researched and includes findings from psychology, genetics, neurobiology, quantum physics, and numerous other sources to back up the author’s deterministic view of the universe.

The first point is that making a choice and having free will are two, entirely separate issues; second, it explores numerous approaches to the concept of free will, third, it includes numerous scenarios and examples of deterministic behavior, fourth, the author lists positive determinist behaviors, and finally, there are numerous additional resources including books, debates, internet articles, and even some competing information.

The author posits the concept that we can be positive causal ramjets.
The concept of a ramjet is simple–since it operates by air intake, the faster it goes, the more oxygen it takes in, and the faster it goes. So the deterministic argument against “if everything is determined, why do anything?” or “if I am just a robot then why not just go home and sit on the couch?” is that, for one, nothing changes about choices or activity in a causal world, and two, we want to cascade as many positive and beneficial causal events as possible and minimize the negative.

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