Positive Affirmations for Atheists, Agnostics, and Secular Humanists

This is a positive affirmation book for those who hate positive affirmation books. My version is different from most other positive affirmation books because it assumes a non-religious, non-spiritual, scientific mindset.

The concept behind this book is simple: It is a collection of self-help, success, and positive attitude quotations without the usual religious and “woo woo” references such as the Law of Attraction, the universe loves you or that God intends for you to be happy. This book assumes you live in a scientific, deterministic world and don’t believe “everything happens for a reason” or you can pray for divine intervention when you’re in a jam.

There is no reference to God, a soul, destiny, angels, the devil or any other supernatural agent controlling your destiny. You’re it. That fact that free-thinkers and non-believers favor science, reason and rationality does not mean that we cannot dream big, aim high and have flights of fancy of success, fame, and fortune. My goal, ever since the introduction of The 12 Unthinkable Horrors of Human Existence, The Statistical Theory of Everything, and How to Speak Fluent Atheist, Agnostic, and Secular Humanist is to help those without faith or have recently lost their faith flourish and prosper in a world without religion and the supernatural.

Therefore many of the quotes in this book are the same ones you have seen before, with a few novel ones thrown in. The fact that a particular author is included does not mean they are a non-believer, just that their quote was memorable and devoid of any supernatural inferences. The main difference in this collection is what is not included.

Quote lists are readily available from a number of sources. My goal is to save the reader time and effort weeding out the chaff from the wheat, the very memorable from the easily forgotten and a unique list for my intended audience.

My favorite two categories, in true Probulos fashion, are the “anti-cliché” positive affirmations where the quote definitely had an edge and the funny quotes I included in the Appendix.

In addition to having this collection on your Kindle to read anytime, you can download this book to your personal computer, Android phone or iPad. I do occasionally update my quote books, so check the version number and date in the very front of the book. Amazon only sends out notices where there is a major change so currently updating your book is a manual process.

If you know of a great quote that I’ve missed, please visit my website: www.improbulos.com and send me a note. In addition, we encourage you to purchase the complete books from the authors quoted in this resource book.

I hope you enjoy this E-book and if so, please share it with your friends. You can help support my work by purchasing my other Kindle books on Amazon.com and providing positive feedback. You can also follow me on Twitter @improbulos.

I. M. Probulos