The Balance of Nature

This short Novella is about Jack Fields, a “wannabe artist,” who mysteriously develops abilities he acquires from plants and nature. He becomes more creative, stronger, and his senses are heightened as a result of his new powers. He becomes an internationally acclaimed artist and celebrity. As a result of his newly found fame, he is captured by terrorists and finds himself increasingly engaged in world events. [Amazon Link]

The story escalates from his simple life as a shipping contractor to one of international significance as the world’s nations are brought to the brink of war.

This story was first written in 1986 as a screenplay. I have now converted it to a novella format. In many ways it still reads like a screenplay, with quick scenes that make their point and move the story forward quickly. I have added additional details that were not in the original to make it engaging and readable as a short novel.

I recommend carving out a couple of hours alone without any distractions so you can fully immerse yourself in this fantastic and supernatural world I have created. If you like this story, please review it on