The Other God’s Earth

Can you imagine a world without sin, death, or evil? I did. That is the central theme of my latest book, The Other God’s Earth [Amazon Link]; it is now available on for $.99. It is only 80 pages. You can download a Kindle reader to any device: an I-pad, any phone, or a PC.

The Other God's Earth: No Sin, No Death and No Evil

The Other God’s Earth: No Sin, No Death and No Evil

If you decide to read the book, it would be wonderful if you could provide feedback; please e-mail me at If you find it thought-provoking, a positive review would be great. In fact, you will earn Generosity-empathy points in the process (you will have to read the book to get the reference).

This is my thirteenth Amazon Kindle Direct Book and my most ambitious project to date. It is the first of a seven-book series. The Amazon Overview is below:

In this new world there is no sin, no death and no evil—only “good and better.” This book will make you laugh…and cry. You will laugh at its juxtaposition of the silly and profound; you will cry when you return to this Earth. By it’s very nature, even if you enjoy the book, it will make you feel uncomfortable.

This is my humble attempt to not only get you out of the box—but also get out of our universe—into an alternate universe where all the laws of nature are different. Some terms and names will be the same but mean something quite different in this parallel but very different universe.

This is a world of love, generosity, empathy, transforming into other life forms and making contributions to science, art, music, dance and poetry.

All you have to do is first, suspend belief, and then open yourself up to this fantastic new world. Don’t resist it; envision yourself living in it.

What would a world look like if a God did not permit evil, suffering and death? Imagine waking up, driving to work, eating lunch, working, and interacting with your fellow employees in a world without envy, hate, greed, pride, lying or stealing.

However, not everything is always perfect in this world. Accidents still happen. There is not always perfect agreement. Discussions and debates are cordial and informative. It is not a world without passion or humor; both are abundant.

If you could enhance your “God-given” abilities what would they be? Would you choose to be more intelligent, creative, athletic, or more sexual? You can choose any combination of ten traits. Alternatively you could choose to have enhanced artistic, musical, dance, or verbal abilities. In my world, ESP/telekinesis is real and a common enhancement.

If you could transform into other life forms, which creatures would you want to experience—a hummingbird, porpoise, or a cat? Or maybe something more esoteric such as a jellyfish, a coral reef or a single-cell paramecium? If it were possible would you become an angel and live as a fifth-dimensional being?

Two of the most important things in life, most people say, are to find someone to love and to love what you do for a living. In this world, those are paramount. In this world, those goals are a reality for every human being.

Your inclination is to dismiss this world as “boring”, or “we are now nothing but robots”, or “we’ve lost our humanity.” Is the measure of our humanity how cruel we can be to one another? Is it how much suffering and misery we must endure, ignore, or strive to avoid at all costs?

Like my other books, the purpose of this book is not to seek universal agreement. It is to make you think.

I. M Probulos