What if Lucifer Said No?

This is the second installment of our free will series and examines what might have happened if Lucifer exerted his free will and simply said, “no.” [Amazon Link].

My tale ask the questions: What would God have done if Lucifer did not rebel? Would the fall of man have occurred without the aid of Satan? Would God have had to find someone else to run hell? Is hell necessary for heaven? Why did God permit Satan to rebel? Why does Joel Osteen have such great hair? [answer: he is in league with the Devil!]. There are so many questions–and, of course, I. M. Probulos has answers. Well, maybe not the answers you hear in Sunday School, but I do have answers, nevertheless.

This is an irreverent and humorous telling of an ancient fable. If you are a fundamentalist or Evangelical Christian, you will most likely be extremely offended. Good. You should be. I’m offended by your “hell is real” signs along the highway. The only thing that is real is the ability of religion to indoctrinate and scare small children. Use your free will and don’t read it. It is not recommended for small children, anyone living in Alabama, and ferrets–due to the extreme language.

If you’re a free-thinker, atheist, agnostic, or secular humanist, or never listen to Fox News, take a ride on the imagination of I. M. Probulos and proceed. Please Look Inside or download the sample before you purchase so you know what you’re getting into. It’s a lot like Adam and Eve Revisited plus all my musings on free will, Damnation by Probability, and faith in general.

This is a work of satire and parody, and all persons, living and dead are being satirized, so if you are offended easily, just get over yourself.

I. M. Probulos