Trumpism and Sheeple in the News

I am not the first to use the term Trumpism. Most use it in relation to Trumpisms–plural meaning the sayings of Donald Trump. There are many and even books and videos detailing them.

Trumpism is also used to indicate a political movement: Trumpism. This usage compares it to either a philosophy (Darwinism) or a political system (socialism, communism).

The concept of Trumpism as a religion is not new either. Many other authors have referenced it–but not in the depth of Trumpism: A Religion for Sheeple.

trump and jesus

In this transcript,  Trump Supporters Drawn to “Trumpism” Religion, the author notes how well Trump sells to anxiety and joy. He sells fear and then offers his solution. Think hell and salvation.

Trump Is God’s Choice for President

In the article above, by David Hodges, states that Trump’s nomination is,”clearly God’s plan. ” He fails to note that God told the 16 other candidates to run as well. They prayed and God told them he selected them. Quite a prankster, that God, eh?

It gets worse. The author quotes Revelation to justify Trump. He goes further to admit that Trump is not running a “Christian campaign” but God can do whatever He please. Tautology anyone?  The website is “The Common Sense Show” insinuating that if you do not agree with it, then you lack common sense. This is an example of using weasel words.

The Huffington Post article, Donald Trump Embodies What’s Wrong with American Religion, illustrates how Trumpism taps into the prosperity-Christianity movement but falls short of comparing it to an actual faith. The article does a good job detailing how un-Christian Trump is. However, I would argue that the traits of fairness, generosity, empathy, kindness are universal and appear in all cultures and faiths. If anything, an argument could be made that we have progressed throughout history to be more accepting of others, and those different from us.

For the most comprehensive review of Trumpism as a religion, please read my book: Trumpism: a Religion for Sheeple.

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